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For instance, at the beginning of the breeding season, when population density is low and sex ratio is female biased, groups are small and composed largely of females and sneaking efficiency is probably the best Group male male female fuck of male mating success Bisazza and Martin, In one of these species, the eastern mosquitofish Gambusia holbrookithe probability Group male male female fuck insemination is influenced by the time females are previously deprived of males, suggesting that females exert some control over the occurrence of mating even in a system apparently dominated by sexual coercion. Poeciliids, namely guppies and swordtails, are favorite subjects of sexual selection studies, in particular those concerning mate choice and its role in the maintenance of male secondary Group male male female fuck traits Houde, Each tag mount was attached tightly at these 2 contact points to minimize slipping of the tag, the associated movement of which could cause irritation. Karplus I, Algom D, The objective of the present study is to determine if female mosquitofish exert some control over the coercive mating attempts of males and influence the probability of being inseminated by a particular male.

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